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About Colliers University

Our Approach

Our systems help individuals, teams, and companies expand possibilities and accelerate their success.

Colliers University’s mission is to deliver next-level systems, tools, and resources that help professionals achieve expert status 25% faster than anyone else in business.

We see our platform as a professional and business development driver that results in an exceptional client experience.

Our uncommon success comes from an uncommon approach that is:

  • Flexible – Our professionals choose what they learn, when they learn it, and the media that best suit their needs.

  • Timely – Our content comes straight from the field, taught by experts in each business discipline.

  • Nuanced – We combine personal and professional development opportunities that capitalize on our people’s unique strengths.

In short, our systems help individuals, teams, and companies expand possibilities and accelerate their success.

Who We Are

Colliers University is enterprising.

We create a competitive advantage for our teams by looking ahead, anticipating changes in the market landscape, and creating new opportunities for our people to adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

Our faculty and subject matter experts bring a willingness to challenge the status quo and to innovate in order to accelerate learning and enhance client service.

Our commitment to accelerating success brings together thought leaders and already-successful professionals, from all service lines and disciplines, who choose to take their careers to the next level.

We are part of an interdependent economic family where collaboration is fundamental, where we build and share resources for our whole business to thrive.

We are building experts and refining our professionals’ specialization, deepening the knowledge and skill we offer our clients, enabling us to achieve the best possible outcomes.

What We Do

Colliers University unites our people from around the globe, at every level and across specializations.

We create learning communities.

Live, online, through blogs and wikis, through recorded and print resources and by fostering learning among colleagues.

We share expertise.

The fastest-growing segment of our faculty is Colliers’ internal experts. We help them share knowledge and best practices with colleagues; in the process, they build their own reputations and business.

We seek out and share specialized content.

As a result, every minute of time invested in training counts.

We see the big picture.

Colliers University believes that all personal development is professional development, so our curriculum serves the whole person.

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Our Content

Colliers University’s curriculum addresses three areas of learning.

Behavioral Coaching

Our behavioral coaching teaches our teams to identify diverse work and communication styles, to maximize their strengths and to collaborate more effectively, creating transformational results.

Enterprise Skills

Courses in this area enhance skills that are useful in every business line and discipline. They help us raise the bar in quality and give our professionals an opportunity to advance their abilities and careers.

Technical Expertise

Our professionals develop greater depth in their knowledge and skills specific to a service line or the technical requirements of a position.

Content Delivery

Our people face an ever-shifting landscape of demands on their time. So our platform offers the flexibility and freedom to learn when, where and how it works best for them:

  • Webinars

  • E-learning

  • On Demand videos

  • Downloadable and mobile formats

  • Collaboration tools

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